Channel Partners: Intoduction

You have just received an email with invitation to join Demoboost and you are wondering how can you use our tool!

So once you are logged in, you will see Demoboost dashboard:

You will find folder which had been shared with you, below you will find demos listed in your library. In case if you have more than one folder you will find all demos from all of your folders listed there.

If you would like to see demos from only one folder - you just need to click on it.

Also, you are gaining access to Sessions, which are demos insights - that is where you will see all the data each session/lead had left.

If you would like to find out more about Sessions, please check this article.

How to use demos

If you wish to access a demo, simply click on it's name, this will take you to demos preview:

In the preview you can duplicate the demo or simply play it... and demo it!

You can also access speaker notes - check this article to see how our CEO explains this functionality.

Important: Please remember that as a partner you do not have the possibility of editing demos, therefore if you need any changes to be applied you need to request those changes from your vendor.

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